Thread Vein Removal

Thread Vein Removal in Kent

At Laser Treats we offer thread vein treatments within Rochester. Thread veins (or spider veins) are extremely common and while they aren’t harmful they can be unsightly, knocking confidence. As you begin to age, your skin can start to loosen and stretch thinner. At the same time, your veins start to expand, becoming visible through the skin.

The problem can be inherited, but there are other causes including sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol consumption. We have the equipment and expertise to help you permanently reduce the prominence of these thread veins, helping give your skin a new lease of life.

Get Gorgeous Skin from Top to Toe

As with any sort of skin treatment, many customers are at first a little cautious. We are here to tell you that the thread vein removal treatment that we offer is completely safe and is in no way harmful. It is simply designed to remove the unsightly veins on your skin, boost your confidence, and reinvigorate your appearance.

Our services are available to people within Rochester, Rainham, and Sittingbourne, but if you’re further afield, you’re still more than welcome.

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My experience at laser treats was really professional and friendly. I have been battling with hair growth for a number of years, I have tried various different hair removal techniques but found the laser at this salon to be the most effective with long lasting and permanent results. – Karen

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